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Recreationa/Beginner Rhythmic Gymnastics

Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes - These classes are perfect for boys and girls and aimed at developing flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, plasticity and many other physical qualities. Children learn basic gymnastic, acrobatic, ballet and dance skills. During training, we use apparatus such as a rope, a hoop, a ball, clubs and a ribbon. Working with apparatus significantly develops coordination and motor skills. At the end of the training, our students play games that are not only very fun, but also develop the physical qualities of your child. In addition to all this, our goal is not only to develop the physical qualities of your child, but also to develop in them a sense of responsibility, discipline, focus, leadership qualities, musicality, organization and respect for work and others. We teach children to love work and give them the love for this wonderful sport. Several times a year all our students perform at our in house recitals where they can show everything they have learned. At the end of the season, we select talents for our competitive teams, which then represents our academy in competitions.

Pre-Team classes

Pre-Team - This is non-competitive program with main focus to pre-pare our students for competitive levels in rhythmic gymnastics. Students will be learning more advanced skills that are required by USA Gymnastics for level 3 and Xcel Bronze and Silver.  This classes by invitation only and are for students who already mastered certain skills.  ​ FYI: JO Level 3 -is the first “evaluation” stage in an athlete’s competitive development. The goal of the Level 3 program is to focus on skill development. Gymnasts compete two routines: Floor exercise and ball, which are compulsory by club.  ​ Xcel Bronze - Bronze athletes are beginning level performers just getting used to performing in front of an audience ​ Xcel Silver - athletes who performs more complex routines, same or similar to Levels 3-4.  ​

Flexibility Classes | Children & Adults | Online & In-Person

Flexibility Classes - Our very popular classes among dancers, skaters, ballerinas, gymnasts and all athletes who nneds to imrove their flexibility and technique. Over 10 years we trained many NAtional champions, tv stars, broadway stars and elite athletes. We train children and adults of all levels. To learn more about this program visit


Group Classes September 5th 2023 - June 22nd, 2024

Tuition Fees. There is an annual tuition (September-June) for each program. For your convenience it is broken down into 10 equal payments. It is not based on a specific amount of classes per month as each month is different but based on a number of classes per season (September-June). To make it fair for all we have balanced all recitational groups around holidays so that all groups train same number of days.


Pre-Team - $190/month

Recreational classes - $165/month

Discounts rules:

2 classes per week - 20% discount from total

3 classes per week - 25% discount from total

Siblings discount -10%


Classes Schedule
Classes Calendar

Recreational classes calendar 2023-2024 


Do you offer Free Trial Class? Yes, we offer Free Trial classes to all our new studens who wants to try rhythmic gymnastics classes. Note: No Free Trial classes available for flexibility classes.

Can we join in the middle of the season? Our program is a full year program. You can join at any moment as long as we have available spots.

Do you offer make up classes? We do not offer make up classes due to a limited spots in classes. However, if we cancelled the class a make up date will be offered as well as all bad weather days will be covered.

Do you offer sibling discount? 10 % sibling discount from tuition total

What is your dress code? Students should wear black leotards/tight tank top and black shorts/leggings. Students with short hair can have a ponytail. Students with longer hair should have a bun. All students should wear toe-shoes ($20)

What equipment will my child need for your programs? All recreational and pre-team students should have their own ball and rope. You can purchase it from us.

Do you offer any shows or recitals? Yes, we offer Winter Recital and Summer Recitals for all our students.

Do you offer summer camp or summer evening classes? Yes, we offer both summer camp (10 weeks) and evening classes (July and August)


Miss Savannah

Recreational classes and Pre-Team

Miss Nellia

Recreational classes 

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