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Valentines Cup 2021 | 02.12-02.13

Updated: May 28, 2021

Freedom Academy starts their competitive season 2021 with our first competition of the season Valentines Cup 2021.

February 12-13th

Congratulations to our amazing level 4-7 and Xcel gymnasts who showed very strong results this weekend at 2021 Valentines Cup 💖

Ava Chen (Level 7) 🥈 in floor

Ivana Del Forno (Level 6) 🥇 in floor (the highest score among all ages in level 5) and 🥇 in ribbon

Emma Laskov (Level 6) 🥇 in floor

Valeria Tolstenkov (Level 6) 🥇 in floor and 🥈 in ball

Allie Como (Level 6) 🥈 in ball

Melody Kang (Level 5) 🥈 in floor and 🏅4th in hoop

Keira Barsky (Level 4) 🥈 in floor and 🥉rd in rope

May Cotter (XCEL D) 🥇in hoop and 🥇 in clubs

Gabby Como (XCEL D) 🥇 1st in hoop and 1st in clubs

Lauren Slavin (XCEL C) 🥈in floor and 🥈in ribbon

Caroline McAdams (XCEL A) 🥈 in floor.

Caroline just started her rhythmic journey in October an d in such a short time achieved so much.

We are so proud of our gymnasts 🏆

All our gymnasts who participated in this competition got on the blocs✨

Proud coach 💖

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