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National Championship Levels 6-8, Group

June 2-5th | West Palm Beach, FL

We can not be anymore prouder for our amazing beginner group team: Anya, Eva, Julia, Keira and Julia Rose.

Thank you girls for your hard work and your dedication.

Our group team finishes season as a 🥈 National Champions

🥈floor 🥉ball and 🥈AA

Words cannot express how proud we are ❤️

Beyond proud for such an incredible finish of this season.

Our level 6 students Anya, Julia and Julia Rose finished season on a very high note!!

It was not an easy season but they did it!

First they qualified at Regionals (top 12 regarding of age) and got spot at Nationals.

Secondly, they finished Nationals with top placements in all around and national titles.

A huge congratulations to our champions 🏆

Julia Rose 🥇hoop, 5th in ribbon and 6th All Around out of 72 the strongest gymnasts in the country.

Julia 🥉floor, 6th in ribbon and 10th All Around among 72 strongest gymnasts in the country.

Anya 🥇hoop in her age group

Very proud of you girls! Very much deserved! ❤️

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