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Steel City Invitational Results | 25.03.2021 - 02.04.2021

Our students showed amazing results at Steel City Invitational and brought home 22 gold medals, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals.

▫️Ava C L7 🥇 hoop 🥈 ball 🥉 clubs and 🥇 AA

▫️Ivana D L6 🥇 floor 🥇 rope 🥇 ball 🏅4th ribbon and 🥇AA

▫️Valeria T L6 🥇floor 🥇rope 🥇ball 🥇ribbon and 🥇AA

▫️Emma L L6 🥉rope 🥇ball 🥉ribbon and 🥉AA

▫️Alessandra C L6 🥈floor 🏅4th rope 🏅4th ball 🏅4th ribbon and 🏅4th AA

▫️Melody K L5 🥇floor 🥇hoop 🥇clubs and 🥇AA

▫️Keira B L4 🥈floor 🥈rope and 🥈AA

▫️Caroline Mc XCEL A 🥇floor

▫️Mia R XCEL B 🥇 floor

▫️Lauren S XCEL C 🥇floor 🥉ribbon

▫️Gabby C XCEL D 🥇 hoop 🥈clubs

▫️May C XCEL D 🥇hoop 🥇clubs

" Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort. And we control both."- The Rock

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