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Philly Love Cup 2023

May 5-7th | Philladelphia, PA

One of our favorite competitions for our youngest gymnasts.

Level 8:

Allie 🥈floor 🥈ball 🥈clubs 🥈ribbon 🥈AA

Melody 🥈floor 🥈ball 🥇clubs 🥇ribbon 🥇AA

Angelica 🥉floor 🥇ball 🥈clubs 🥉ribbon 🥉AA

Emma 4th clubs

Level 3:

Siena 🥉floor

Khloe 🥇floor 🥉ball 🥈AA

Julia 🥉floor

Cameron 🥈ball 🥈AA

Aahana 🥇floor 🥇ball 🥇AA

Xcel G-D-P:

Isabella 🥇floor 🥈hoop 🥇AA

May 🥈hoop 🥇clubs 🥇AA

Lauren 🥇floor 🥈clubs 🥈AA

Xcel Silver:

Gabby 🥇rope 🥇hoop 🥇AA

Rayne 🥇rope 🥇hoop 🥈AA

Idella 🥈rope 🥇hoop

Khushi 🥈rope 🥇hoop

Xcel Bronze:

Katelyn 🥈 floor 🥈ball and 🥉AA

Kamila 🥈floor 🥈ball

Marigold 🥈floor 🥈ball

Iris 🥈floor 🥉ball

Audrey 🥉floor 🥉ball

Adria 🥉floor 🥉ball

Darla 🥉floor 🥉ball


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