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Ava C - Level 7, Floor Routine

May C - Xcel D, Hoop Routine

Beginners 6-9 yo - Monsters Inc

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           Cora, Rachael’s mom (dancer)

As a dancer, my daughter has always struggled with flexibility. She works on flexibility but seems to be slow making progress. We have been looking for a program that can help her but logistics has been hard. We are so grateful to have come cross @Flexibility_classes. She loved the first class she took and told me that she wanted to take class every week. With only 3 classes, she has already made so much progress that she was able to do tricks for which she has tried for a very long period of time. She likes how the instructor is very attentive to all the kids in class, gives them corrections and encouragement throughout. The instructor also pushes them to their highest potential so the classes are also very challenging. I am very appreciative of the classes offered by @Flexibility_classes and can’t wait for my daughter to develop her flexibility in the upcoming dance year!


           Emma Li, Linda's mom (rhythmic gymnastics)


I highly recommend the Freedom rhythmic gymnastics, It has very good head coach and attentive coaching. It is also very nice and helpful to the children. Girl really enjoys training in here , gets good Exercise growth and increases RG skills .My daughter likes it very much.

            Katarina, Ivana's mom (flexibility classes)


My 11 year old daughter was looking for a flexibility coach and we found the best one! Flexibility classes has been pushing my daughter to her highest potential for two years now. They are very professional and really focus on what my daughter needs to work on.  I would highly recommend them if you are looking to improve on flexibility and strength training.



900 American Rd, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 

347-966-7211 | FreedomRGacademy@gmail.com | www. Freedomrgacademy.com