Meet Our Team

Anastasia Dekantios
Manager/Rhythmic Gymnastics coach
Lilly Downs
The Owner/Headcoach
Victoria Ryab
Rhythmic Gymnastics coach
Lisa Wang
Celebrity Associate coach
5 times Pan-American Champion

Our Mission

Our goal at Freedom Academy is to coach each gymnast to reach the highest achievable level.  Freedom prides themselves on providing the athletes with the tools of understanding, believing in themselves and their coaches, to strive to reach their goals and rise to that challenge.  Here at Freedom Academy we are building people and developing personalities of strength and perseverance in a fun and safe environment. 


Our Philosophy

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the most elegant and basic grounding for all sports!  We feel there is no other activity that better develops a strong body and an active mind.  This Sport develops core,strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, kinesthetic, endurance and musicality.  Additional benefits of rhythmic gymnastics training include focus, self-motivation, self-satisfaction, independence, discipline, camaraderie, and a genuine love of movement.

What Is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

​Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect combination of ballet, gymnastics, and art, linking expressive dance steps with skillful manipulations of the ball, rope, ribbon, hoop or clubs: throw, spin, spiral, roll and catch.

5 top reasons to have your child do rhythmic gymnastics:   


⁃       CONSTANT activity! There’s no standing waiting for a turn or sitting on the bleachers for the teams to swap. Your child is constantly engaged making it into one of the best cardio and strength work out in addition to amazing flexibility   


⁃       Girls who do gymnastics are smarter! Coordination and balance required for this sport, ability to manipulate the apparatus- all makes your child’s brain develop better and at a faster rate   


  ⁃       Develops feel for music and rhythm   


⁃       Teaches performance skills such as presentation and star confidence 


  ⁃       Grace and beautiful posture are developed and strengthened



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