Emma Li, Linda's mom (rhythmic gymnastics)


I highly recommend the Freedom rhythmic gymnastics, It has very good head coach and attentive coaching. It is also very nice and helpful to the children. Girl really enjoys training in here , gets good Exercise growth and increases RG skills .My daughter likes it very much.

Ivana, dancer (flexibility classes)


I just want to give a huge thank you to my flexibility coach.  I have been working with her for a while now and I continue to see results. She always pushes me to my maximum and knows exactly what I need to work on. I am so grateful and recommend her to anyone trying to work on their flexibility and strength training.

Katarina, Ivana's mom (flexibility classes)


My 11 year old daughter was looking for a flexibility coach and we found the best one! Flexibility classes has been pushing my daughter to her highest potential for two years now. They are very professional and really focus on what my daughter needs to work on.  I would highly recommend them if you are looking to improve on flexibility and strength training.


Amy,Lucia's mom (from Boston) (flexibility classes and acrobatics)


We found flexibility classes on Instagram  I took a chance and signed up and it was the best decision ever. We live in Boston MA, so I had no prior experience with your program. My daughter started with a zoom flexibly class and the results have been amazing. Her technique is so much better, her flexibility in her hip flexors has improved, her strength has increased. My daughter is a dancer and I can definitely see an improvement. Ms Hanna has been great, she never disappoints, her classes always offer a new sequence of stretches and variations that keep work outs fun and offer maximum results. I’m SO glad I found flexibility classes and I’m happy I took a chance and tried that first class. I really appreciate how professional your company is and how easy it is to work with you all.
Thank you so much!

Sabrina, Avaya's mom, (from Toronto,CA) (flexibility and acrobatics)


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to “Freedom Academy”.Avaya  who is seven years old and is in figure skating  at NYSA Toronto Canada , started her training with the Freedom Academy  in June 2020. Both  Lilly and Anya have welcomed, and guided Avaya to participate in class and fit in with ease.  She has improved significantly with her flexibility in such a short period of time.  I am completely pleased with the service. The instructors are highly experienced and patient with Avaya , considering she’s a non member of their team .From day one, they have made her feel as-one of their members. I am truly grateful for their attention and assistance  during these last 3 months and I will continue doing zoom training . The online lessons are keeping Avaya engaged , motivated and happy to be participating. If you’re looking for optimum results then I highly recommend “Freedom Academy “! Thank you ,

Andy, Ava's father (rhythmic gymnastics)

Even though the training is challenging, my daughter Ava looks forward to every practice, because the coaches are caring and demanding. Ava has improved as rhythmic gymnast and she has made many friends at Freedom.

Bridgette, Allie's and Gabby's mom (rhythmic gymnastics)


I'm so thrilled with the progress my daughters have made at Freedom. I love watching their excitement and determination to improve the skills they are learning. The coaches are amazing and they dedicated to the students success.

Ellen, Lauren's mom (rhythmic gymnastics)


Great gymnastics school with very hard working and caring teachers. My daughter loves it and has learned so much.

Chiara, Sara's mom (flexibility and acrobatics)


Our daughter Sara is a figure skater and a dancer and the flexibility classes that she is taking online have helped her tremendously in her sports.  Although she has always been fairly limber the classes have helped her make gains in her flexibility and especially helped with improving her strength associated with the stretches (which is important for maintaining the challenging poses she strikes in both of her activities).  Even though her muscles are getting stronger, she’s still maintaining her lean, athletic body shape.  Her teacher is knowledgeable, professional and keeps the classes engaging for all students.  Sara really admires her for her incredible capabilities and wants to become just like her J.  Given the very positive experience and gains she’s made so far Sara is very excited to keep going and start Acrobatics!

Thank you,

 Michelle Quiner, dancer (flexibility)


I have seen lots of changes quickly in my flexibility. I have learned so many cool tricks and stretches!

Krista Quiner, parent (flexibility)

I have 6 daughters going here. They have learned so much and are challenged every time! Their flexibility has improved greatly and they have learned so many interesting skills. I highly recommend it!

June, parent (rhythmic gymnastics)

After trying out class, my daughter immediately told me she wants to join. Now 4 month later have been passes, she still so cheerful to going to every class. It is so amazing that she has gained so many strength, skills and confidence.

I can't thank Mrs. Lilya enough for all of the kindness and professionalism she has shown to my girls and me. I highly recommend Freedom Gymnastics to everyone who wants the best for their child.

Linda S., Sophia's mom (rhythmic Gymnastics)


Let me preface this by stating that I never write reviews.  I am so impressed with the gym and coaching that I feel the need to let others in on the secret.

My daughter started rhythmic gymnastics several months ago at Freedom.  She chose the sport as a blend between her two favorite activities - dance and gymnastics.  The head coach, Lilly is fabulous.  She has brought my daughter’s flexibility and skills to a new level.  Not only has my daughter’s abilities improved, so has her self-confidence and work ethic. 


Freedom provides it all- great friends, great training, and a safe environment. 

I highly recommend the gym to any parent".

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