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About Our Team Programs


USAG Levels 3-10 - Highly competitive program.

We prepare gymnasts for local, out of state invitational, state, regional, national events. The competitive program begins with Level 3, which is the beginner competitive level and continues to Level 10, which is the level for gymnast who qualify for the USA National Championships. Competitive gymnasts practice at least 2 days per week and compete in 3-10 and sometimes more  competitions per year. 




Placement in the competitive team is by recommendation of the coach or by team tryout. To schedule your team tryout email us at




XCEL Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum - Less competitive but still very challenging program.

This program is perfect for those who has a love for this sport and desire to compete without the extensive time and financial commitments generally associated with the sport. 

We also recommend this program for our student who is ready to compete but still need some time to develop needed skills to join USAG levels. When needed skills perfected we consider moving athletes to more competitive setting (USAG).

The main goal of this program is to build self-esteem, confidence and build stress tolerance that sometimes on our way to perform our best at the competitions.


We love Xcel program and we have one of the biggest Xcel Teams in a tri-state. 

To join this program, please schedule a team tryout by emailing us at



How can my child join the team? Usually, our youngest gymnasts start in our recreational classes, then transition to pre-team and progress to level 3. Competitive gymnasts from other teams and schools are welcome to try out for our teams as well.

What is the typical time commitment required for being on the team? Xcel Bronze requires 4 hours per week and Level 3 requires 6 hours per week, with time commitment usually increasing with the level. Higher levels train 3-6 days per week and up to 20 hours.

How old does my child need to be to join the team? Our youngest competitors are as young as 5 years old.

Do you offer a summer program? Yes, we offer a summer program and summer camp for all our students.

Is Summer Camp required for team members? Summer Camp is mandatory for team gymnasts. During the camp, girls practice new routines and skills to prepare for the next season.

Can my child take time off from practices during the season? Competitive gymnasts normally don't take more than 2 weeks of cumulative time off from practices over the year.

What competitions do teams usually go to? Every year, our teams go to multiple invitational competitions, as well as state, regional and national competitions. Some of our gymnasts compete internationally.

Team Coaches


Lilly Downs

Owner of Freedom Rhythmic Gymnastics and Flexibility Academy, Lilly Downs is a former Ukrainian competitive gymnast, Cheerleading National Team member and highly experienced coach, who produced numerous State, Regional and National finalists and champions.

  • Certified USA Gymnastics member since 2013

  • Levels 3 - 6 New Jersey state representative

  • AAU rhythmic gymnastics representative

Aliaksandra Yakushava

Head-coach of Freedom Academy and a 2-times World Champion (National Belarussian Team).

  • Certified USA Gymnastics member 

  • Head-coach of levels 6-10

  • Belarussian multiply national champion, Europeans Championships medalist and 2-time World Champion


Miss Oleksandra

Levels 5-9 coach


Miss Viktoria

Leves 3-4 coach

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-18 at 5.07.38 PM.jpeg

Miss Savannah

Xcel Bronze and Silver coach

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