Programs Overview

Team L3-L10- competitive Junior Olympics program. This is the most competitive program that requires a lot of hours spend in the gym in order to perfect required skills for each level.  Girls get into this program by invitation only.

“Rhythmic Group”- is a fast growing discipline in rhythmic gymnastics in USA. Three to five girls perform together with or without apparatus (rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon). This is one of the most spectacular discipline in gymnastics as athletes collaborate with each other performing acro or flexibility tricks while using apparatus.

“Xcel”- An alternative program for athletes seeking a more recreationally competitive experience.   This program is perfect for those new to the sport.  It provides an opportunity to build flexibility and strength, learn basic ballet, acrobatics, flexibility and dance moves all while improving coordination and learning how to manipulate the apparatus (hoop, ribbon, rope, ball, clubs).  Rhythmic gymnastics provides a perfect all around sport that is graceful, visually appealing and builds a great deal of stamina.  This particular program is suitable for any age and almost any skill level. It allows to you dive into competing and performing on stage right away.  The program allows to participate in rhythmic gymnastics and to have positive competitive experiences in an official USA Gymnastics setting while staying active in school and family activities.  Xcel is a perfect program to start recreationally with less time commitment and to see if this sport is right for you.  Girls ages 8-18, once a week. 

It's never too late to start rhythmic gymnastics, and never a good time to stop!

“Beginners”- This is a Pre-Team program aimed to develop required skills for JO Program or for those who wants to practice rhythmic gymnastics at a low key pace, with once per week practices, just to maintain or improve their flexibility and fitness and to have some fun along the way!


“Minis”- This program aimed at developing the basic flexibility, strength and coordination of the child. This program is suitable for both girls and boys ages 3-5,5

Our students work in a well structured environment on learning or perfecting their bridges, splits, and cartwheels, while having lots of fun with ribbons, hoops, balls and ropes.  The small equipment makes learning gymnastics fun and easy, correcting the body posture without the child even realizing it.  Through games and play children learn to point their toes, improve their poise, develop nice long body lines, and acquire a strong skill base for gymnastics or any other sport.