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Winter Cup 2023 | MA

January 13th - 16th | MA

Our first competition of the year was a huge success.

Our students brought home 12 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 9 bronze medals.

Level 4 results:

Rosie G 🥇rope 🥇hoop and 🥇AA

Isabella G 🥈rope 🥉hoop 🥈AA

Yuvie S 🥉rope and 🥉AA

Arianna K 🥉 hoop

Level 6 results:

Anya S 🥇floor, 🥇rope, 🥇hoop, 🥇ribbon and 🥇AA

Julia M 🥇floor 🥇rope 🥉ribbon and 🥇AA

Julia Rose P Floor - 2nd🥈Rope-5th Hoop- 3rd🥉Ribbon-3rd 🥉Overall- 3rd 🥉

Level 8 results:

Allie C🥈floor, 4th in ball

Melody K🥈ball, 5th in floor

Emma P 4th in clubs

Angelica S 6th in floor

Level 9 results:

Ivana D 🥇ribbon and 4th AA

Vika M🥉ball and 5th AA

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