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Winter Cup 2022 Results

Our Level 5-8 students participated at their very first competition of 2022 at Winter Cup 2022 hosted by Nely's School located in MA.

Our gymnasts showed great results and brought home the following awards:

✨May C Level 8 🥇floor 🥇ball 🥇clubs 🥇ribbon and 🏆 All Around Champion

✨Ava C Level 8 🥈floor 🥈clubs and 4th All Around 🏆

✨Ivana D Level 8 🥉clubs 🥇ribbon and 🥈All Around Medalist 🏆

✨Melody K Level 7 🥉floor 🥉ball 🏅4th clubs and 🥈All Around

✨Emma L. Level 7 🏅4th floor 🏅4th ball and 🏅4th All Around

✨Julia Rose P. Level 5 🏅4th floor 🥉ball 🥈clubs 🥇ribbon (12.200) and 🥈All Around

✨Anna S Level 5 🥈 floor 🥈ball 🥇clubs 🥇ribbon and 🏆 All Around Champion

✨Intermediate Group 🥈hoop and 🥈All Around

Congratulations to all our level 5 students (Cynthia, Keira, Anya and Julia Rose), to all our level 7 students (Allie, Val, Emma and Melody) and to all our level 8 students (May, Ava and Ivana) who competed at Winter Cup 🏆 Way to go girls ❤️

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