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Vitry Cup 2022 | Chicago | 03.18 - 03.20

Another popular competition that our students had an opportunity to attend. This competition hosted by Rhythmic Legend Ukrainian gymnast Olena Vitrichenko (1996 Olympics bronze medalist)

Intermediate Group - 3rd place in Hoop🏆 Well done girls 🥉

Level 8:

May 🥇 AA and has a personal score record of 12.4 for her floor routine.

Ava 🥉floor 🥈clubs (14.4)

Ivana 🥉ribbon 4th ball 4th clubs

Level 7:

Allie C 🥈ball 🥉 clubs and 🥉AA

Emma L 4th floor and 4th hoop

Melody K 🥉 ball, 4th clubs and 4th AA

Val T 5th in ball

Level 5:

Julia Rose 🥈floor 🥈ball 🥉ribbon 🥈 AA

Keira 4th ball 🥈clubs

Cynthia 6th ball 6th clubs

Anya 🥇 clubs and 4th AA

Go Team Freedom!

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