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Spooky Invitational 2021

Congratulations to our level 7-8 gymnasts on their first competition this season.

This season we started very early (usually we start in January) and we had only 6 weeks to get ready, but we are very proud of our results and can’t wait to see where this season will bring us:)

Thank you so much to all our coaches for their tremendous work!

Go Team Freedom ⭐️

-Intermediate Group (Ivana, May, Val, Melody, Ava, Emma) 🥇 floor 🥇 hoop

-Ivana L8 🥇 ribbon 🥈floor (12.000)

-Ava L8 🥇 ball (11.1) 🥈 ribbon

- May 🥇 clubs

-Melody L7🥇 clubs 🥈ball (10.7)

-Emma L7 🥇floor (10.6)

-Allie L7 🥈hoop

-Val L7 🥈hoop 🥉ball

Proud coaches👊🏻

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