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Regional Championship 2023

April 22-23 | Levels 6-8 |

Level 6 and 8:

Anya S 🥇floor 🥇rope 🥇hoop🥈ribbon 🥇AA and Top 7th regardless of age

Julia M 🥇floor 🥇rope 🥈hoop 🥇ribbon 🥇 AA and Top 2 regardless and of age

Julia Rose P 🥇floor 🥇rope 🥇hoop 🥉ribbon 🥈AA and Top 4 regardless of age

Keira B 🥉floor 4th hoop 4th AA

Congratulations to our level 8 on showing so much improvement. Not everything went the way we wanted but life if full of lessons and challenges.

We are beyond proud of this young ladies who came so far and achieved so much in this extremely difficult sport. Way to go girls! Continue working hard and reach for your goals! Everything will happen as long as you are keep fighting! We love you 😍

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