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Region 5 Levels 4-6 Qualificational Championship 2022

December 3rd, 2022

On this day our level 4 and 6 students took mandatory qualificational competition. This competition allows students to participate in competitive season 2022-2023 (September - June).

Region 5 All around Champions with the highest score of the competition 🎉

🥇Anya, Eva, Keira, Julia , Julia Rose (10.800)

We are very proud 🥹 if you girls 🫶🏻 Go Team Freedom.

Congratulations to our Level 4 gymnasts on their very first competition of the season.

🥇Rosebelle, Isabella and Milena among all online participants.

5th Arianna, Avni, Rebecca and Yuvie

8th Aryahi, Evelyn, Lily

10th Allison, Angelina and Eliana

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