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Region 5 Championship | Levels 6-8 qualifier | MD April 9-11

Congratulations to our students for their outstanding performances. Our Intermediate Group as well as level 7 Melody K and level 8 Ivana D qualified for Nationals 2022. Way to go girls;)

  • Intermediate Group results:

🥇 floor 🥇hoop and 🥇AA ➡️ Next Stop - Nationals 2022 (WI)

  • Level 7 results:

Melody 🥉floor 🥉ball 🥉clubs, 4th in hoop and 4th AA 2011

Allie 6th in floor

Emma 5th in clubs and 7th AA

  • Level 8 results:

Ava 🥈floor 🥉clubs

Ivana 🥈floor 🥉 ball 🥉ribbon and TOP 9

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