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Recital 2022 | The End of The Year Show | June 18th

Updated: Jun 20

75+ kids performing

25 numbers

Over 200 audience

2 hours of magic

3 birthday girls

Happy kids, happy parents, happy coaches and “A Gym Full of Stars”.

Thank you so much to everyone for an incredible the End of the Year show. We are excited for new exciting opportunities that next season will bring us.


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Some of the Videos from Recital 2022:

"Moana" by our youngest students ages 3-5

"Prince Ali" by Level 5 Anya S

"Speechless" by Level 5 Julia M

"Hunted Hearts" by Eva

"Party Rock Anthem" by Level 8 Ava, Ivana and May

"Start a riot" by Level 7-8

"Pink Panther" by Level 5 Julia Rose P

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