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Orlando Cup 2022 | 02.04 - 02.06

It was our one of the most anticipating competitions of the season. Its not only one of the most popular events in rhythmic gymnastics world but also so much fun as we were able to spend weekend at Universal Studios.


Intermediate Group Routine 3rs in floor, 1st in hoop and 1st AA

Level 7:

Allie 3rd ball, 4th floor and 5th AA

Emma 5th floor, 4th hoop, 5th ball, 4th clubs and 4th AA

Melody 2nd floor and 7th AA

Val 7th ball

Level 8:

Ivana 2nd ball, 4th ribbon and 4th AA

Ava 5th floor

May 3rd ball, 3rd clubs, 2nd ribbon and 2nd AA

Go Team Freedom!

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