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NJ State Championship 2023

March 11-12th | Madison, NJ

We can not be more proud. Our students showed amazing results at NJ State Championship.

Beginner Group:

Floor 🥇Ball 🥇and 🥇AA

Level 9:

Vika 🥉clubs

Ivan’s 🥉hoop

Level 6:

Julia M 🥇floor 🥇rope 🥇hoop 🥇ribbon and a Grand Champion title 🏆

Julia Rose P 🥈floor 🥈rope 🥈hoop 🥈ribbon and 🥈AA

Anya S 🥉rope 🥉ribbon and 🥉AA

Level 4:

Rosie G 🥇rope 🥇hoop 🥇AA

Milena W 🥈rope 🥈AA

Level 3:

Aubrey W 🥇ball and a Gran Champion 🏆

Veronica W 🥇floor 🥇ball and 🥇AA

Julia R 🥉floor 🥈ball 🥉AA

Ella C 🥇floor

Aahana J 🥇floor 🥇ball 🥇AA

Siena D 🥇floor 🥈ball 🥇AA

Monica S 🥈floor 🥈ball 🥈AA

Khloe L 🥉ball

Xcel G-D-P:

Eva P 🥇floor 🥈hoop and a Grand Champion 🏆

May C 🥈hoop 🥇clubs

Isabella K 🥇floor 🥈hoop

Sophia W 🥈floor 🥉hoop

Lauren S 🥈floor 🥉clubs

Xcel Silver:

Gabby Q 🥉rope 🥈hoop

Jaxen C 🥉rope 🥉hoop

Idella Z 🥉 rope 🥉hoop

Rayne I 🥉rope 🥈hoop

Xcel Bronze:

Cameron B 🥇floor 🥉ball

Kamila W 🥈floor 🥉ball

Victoria Z 🥈floor 🥉ball

Marigold T 🥈floor 🥉ball

Katelyn K 🥉floor 🥉ball

Darla M 🥉floor 🥉ball

Audrey S 🥉floor 🥉ball

Iris H 🥉floor 🥉ball

Adria I 🥉floor 🥉ball

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