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Nationals 2022 | Levels 5 and Xcel | Lake Forest, CA

May 27-30

The biggest congratulation to our amazing Level 5 and Xcel students on their exceptional performance at Nationals 2022. You showed so much improvement and finished season on a high note. We are beyond proud!

Level 5 results:

Julia Rose 🥉floor 🥇clubs (4th in clubs out of 110 participants) and 🥇ribbon (🥇in ribbon out of 110 level 5 participants)

Anya S Floor 🥈 Ball 🥈 Clubs 🥇 Ribbon 🥇 AA 🥇in 2010

Keira 5th in floor

Cynthia H 6th in clubs , 8th in ribbon and 8th AA

Xcel Gold results:

Floor 🥇 (with a perfect score of 100) Ball 🥇 Clubs 🥈 AA 🥈 among all XCEL Gold

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