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National Championship 2022 | Levels 7-8 | Wisconsin Dells, WI | June 1-5th

Such a tremendous results❗️Our Intermediate Group brings home today 🥇in hoop, 🥉in floor and 🥈AA National Champions 🥹Can’t believe that our season is almost over and beyond proud of all our achievements. A big shoutout to our girls Ava, Ivana, Emma, Melody and May for putting so much work this season. We love you girls ⭐️

Thank you to all our parents, coaches and students for your support ❗️❗️❗️👊🏻

A big shoutout to our beautiful Ivana Level 8 who showed tremendous results this season and brings home 9th place in ribbon and 13AA.

We are beyond proud !

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