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LOVE CUP Invitational 2022 | May 13-15 in PA

A BIG Shout Out to all our students who participated at Love Cup. It was a huge success and we brought home a huge number of awards. Go Team Freedom!

  • Level 8 results:

Ivana D 🥈floor 🥉ball 🥈clubs 🥈ribbon and 🥈AA

Ava C 🥉floor 🥈ball (14.7) and 🥉AA

  • Level 7 results:

Melody K 🥇 floor 🥇hoop 🥇ball 🥇clubs and 🥇AA

Emma L 4th in clubs and 5th AA

Allie C 5th in clubs

  • Level 5 results:

Anna S 🥇floor 🥇ball 🥇clubs 🥇ribbon and 🥇AA

Julia M 🥇floor 🥈ball 🥇clubs 🥇ribbon and 🥇AA

Julia Rose P 🥇floor 🥇clubs 🥉ribbon and 🥇 AA

Keira B 4th in floor

Cynthia H 5th in clubs

  • Level 3 results:

Arianna K 🥈floor 🥉ball and 🥈AA

Angelina M 🥇floor

Gabby Q 🥈ball and 🥉AA

Maria D 🥈floor 🥈ball and 🥈AA

Rosie G 🥇floor 🥇ball and 🥇AA

Rebecca K 🥈floor 🥇ball and 🥇AA

Isabella G 🥉floor 🥈ball and 🥈AA

Rayne I 5th in ball

Alexandria T 7th in floor

  • Xcel Bronze results:

Keira T 🥇floor 🥇ball

Allison S 🥇floor 🥇ball

Josephine G 🥇floor 🥇ball

  • Xcel Gold and Diamond results:

Lauren S 🥇floor 🥇hoop 🥇clubs

Mia R 🥇floor 🥇ball 🥇ribbon

Isabella K 🥇floor 🥇clubs

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