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Harlem Invitational 2023

February 23-25 | Harlem, NYC

And again our students did it.

Level 4:

Allison🥈rope 🥇hoop 🥇AA

Evelyn 🥇rope 🥇AA

Arianna 🥇hoop 🥈AA

Milena 🥈 rope 🥉AA

Isabella 🥇rope 🥈hoop 🥈AA

Rosie 🥇rope 🥇hoop 🥇AA

Level 3:

Siena 🥇floor 🥇ball 🥇AA

Aahana 🥈floor 🥈ball 🥈AA

Ella 🥉floor 🥉ball 🥉AA

Monika 🥈floor 🥈ball 🥇AA

Xcel Gold-Diamond-Platinum:

Eva P 🥇floor 🥈hoop

Sophia W 🥈floor 🥉hoop

Isabella K🥉floor 🥉hoop

May C 🥈hooo 🥈clubs

Xcel Bronze: Xcel Bronze students brought home this weekend at Harlem Invitational over 10 silver and bronze medals .The youngest and the cutest participants and our future stars ⭐️ We are beyond proud of your first for your first time on the carpet and beyond proud for all your achievements. Congratulations to Darla, Adria, Victoria, Marigold, Iris, Audrey, Kamila and Katelyn.

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