Kids Programs

I have 6 daughters going here. They have learned so much and are challenged every time!  Their flexibility has improved greatly

and they have learned so many interesting skills.  I highly recommend it!” 


- Krista Quiner, parent

Flexibility/Contortion No Free Trial Class Available

Our very popular program among dancers, skaters and anyone who desires to increase their flexibility. During these classes we focus on full body flexibility and strength, correct stretching techniques and drills to improve leaps, balances and pirouettes. 

Acrobatics (boys and girls ages 7-16)

Our very popular program that develops flexibility, strength while learning fun and encouraging acrobatic skills such as handstands, headstands, elbowstands, cheststands, basic rolls, contortion acrobatic skills, cartwheels, walkovers and aerials. 

Dance Classes (ages 4-6 and 7+)

This is recreational program that does not put high stress of time commitment. Students will be using lots of props and working as a team. Training will focus on flexibility, proper ballet and dance techniques. Throughout the year children will take part in numerous in-house and local talent shows and festivals. 

This program will help your child express their creativity and increase their confidence while working on fun and encouraging choreography. Students are taught in an uplifting and positive environment where they are nurtured and their self esteem can grow. 

Theatrical Ballet (boys and girls ages 7+)

Dive into the stage world of ballet from the very first training session. Students learn ballet technique while performing famous ballet compositions such as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Esmeralda, etc. 

All barre work and floor work taught in a fun and encouraging dance sequences.

Juggling and Hula Hoop (ages 5+)

Fun classes for boys and girls that will teach your child juggling techniques with  tennis balls, hoop rings, clubs,scarfs, rope jumping and lots of fun hoop tricks such as spinning, tossing, rolling, etc.


Flexibility classes

In-person walk-in - $40/student

Online single class - $15/student


In-person $120/hour - up to 3 students

Online $60/hour- one on one

Online $35/hour per student - 2-4 students

Other kids programs (acrobatics, dance, theatrical ballet, juggling)

In-person Once a week - $145/month

In-person Twice per week - $255/month

Online single class $15/class

10 Sibling discount is available

Referral Bonus $50 if you refer a friend*

All discounts referral bonus and any other bonuses apply only to a full month tuition (not a pro-rate month, but a full month payment)


Tel: 347-966-7211


900 American Rd, Morris Plains

NJ 07950

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