Our unique flexibility program developed by Lilly Downs will help you to increase ​your flexibility and core strength for a higher level of performance.

Over 3 years we helped more than 1000 athletes from New Jersey and nearest states.

We offer:


-Semi-Privates (2-4 students)

-Group classes


Group classes

"The Pingry School"

50 Country Day Dr, Short Hills, NJ 07078


$40 walk-in

10% sibling discount

$50 referral bonus

Privates and Semi-Privates

44 Prentice Ln, Mendham , Nj 07945

$120/hour up to 2 students (you share the fee)

3 students $50/student per hour

4 students $40/student per hour

Dress code: Dance wear, socks, hair must be in a high bun.

Please fill out and email us the Registration form before your first class:



Instagram: @flexibility_classes